Care Instructions

Caring for Your Bikini

At GÉVÉ, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality, reflected in every aspect of our meticulously crafted swimwear. Our suits are constructed using a blend of premium materials, comprising 80% polyester and 20% Lycra, along with ZAMAK metal hardware detailing. These materials are carefully selected to ensure optimal durability and resilience, similar to any luxury item. To preserve the longevity and quality of our suits, we recommend exercising the same level of care and attention as you would with any high-end product.

 After Every Use

 It is advised that GÉVÉ Swim be hand washed in cold water (or rinsed) after every use. Avoid twisting your suit to dry. 


The cardinal rules for GÉVÉ Swim are do not dry your suit in direct sunlight, NEVER machine dry or dry clean, and be sure to lie flat or hang to dry. 


Your suit should be hand washed in cold water, with just water, using very mild soap, or specialty swimwear detergent. NEVER machine wash.


While ALL of the suits can be worn in pool or ocean water, they are not intended for strenuous physical water activity or long periods of time in heavily chlorinated water. Sun tan lotions, spas, and chlorinated pools run the risk of causing damage to your suit due to the harsh chemicals. Be mindful that with dye, bright colors may fade or bleed