Can I stack coupon codes?

No, unfortunately only one coupon code per order.


How do I determine my size?

On each product page you can refer to the size guide tab. As well as reference the models measurements in the item's description. If you are still undecided  you may reach out to us at hello@geve-swim.com for our team’s help!


How can I determine what items are final sale?

Final sale items will be labeled as such, Sample sale bikinis, items purchased on black Friday, cyber Monday, and any promotional event.


Will my hardware get hot in the sun?

No, the hardware maintains the same level of temperature as your skin. We use ZAMAK metal for our hardware as it has many great features including this.


Will chlorine or salt water damage my suit?

As we have said in our care section, it is important to take care of these suits. Although we have used the highest quality of materials to guarantee satisfaction – wear and tear on items that are not well taken care of is possible.

Why are these considered luxury suits?

many factors come into play when it comes to pricing and why we consider our suits to be luxury high-grade suits. We spent years testing and perfecting the fit on these suits. Furthermore we took time to test different kinds of hardware and determine what would be the best fit for our clients. And finally we only use the highest quality fabric available to us, and we will continue to do so as different materials becomes available to us.


Are your suits true to size?

While we strive to have consistent sizing - hardware styles tend to run smaller due to the fact that our metal is a solid and has no stretch to it. Please see each product description to get further details on how it fits. 

I am missing an item from my order, what should I do?

please email hello@geve-swim.com so we can make this right! 

How long after I place an order will it be processed?

All orders will be processed within 2 to 3 business days.